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Welcome to Snapdragons Pre-School

Snapdragons is a community pre-school, in the heart of Kempshott, Basingstoke. It is located in the local community centre. We take children from 2 to 5 years. We provide them with a happy, safe and stimulating environment to help prepare them for a great start in school and in life.


Snapdragons Pre-school opened in September 2010 and we welcome all children in the Kempshott, Hatch Warren and Beggarwood areas, regardless of race, culture, religion, ability and means. It runs alongside Dandelions Pre-School and runs under the same Management team and Committee. 
Snapdragons is led by a Pre-School Leader under Dandelions Management and a qualified leadership team and play assistants, 7 staff in total. Our devoted pre-school team are also supported by a committee of volunteers. By working closely with parents, we aim to provide outstanding pre-school education.
Snapdragons runs during term time only on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (9-12 only) with a number of sessions, 8.30am, 9am – 11:30am, 12:30 lunch and 12:30 – 3pm and our day is planned and run around the same format as Dandelions Pre-school. 

Should you wish to see Snapdragons latest Ofsted Report please follow this link:
Thursday is the Dragon’s Group for the older children in which we focus on preparing them for school. We encourage all children to attend this session. The session has its own set of planning and the topics mainly are supported by popular stories such as Goldilocks, Jack and the Bean Stalk and so on. We aim to maximise the use of our fantastic setting by being outside as much as possible during this session. 

Funding is our main source of income. It is very important that your funding forms are completed correctly and handed back to us on time. Your child will be entitled to receive funding the term following their third birthday. You will need to complete a form at the beginning of each term. The form will be sent home with your child on the first day they attend at the beginning of term.  If you are not entitled to funding or they are under three the hourly rate is £4.75.

Two Year Old Offer 
Dandelions and Snapdragons are both accredited to take two year olds under the government two year old funding scheme.  Click on the link to see the criteria and how this scheme works.
Claiming from two providers – You are able to divide your funding between two settings, ensuring that the total does not exceed 15 hours. Any additional hours up 15 will be charged in line with the funding rate currently £4.75.
Attending over 15 hours – If your child attends Dandelions / Snapdragons for more than 15 hours then you claim 15 hours on your form and you will be billed for the additional hours at £4.75 per hour.
Any problems pop in and see us.