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Snapdragons Testimonials

Here is a few notes from the lovely cards the girls at Snapdragons have received.  It is our pleasure and honour to be a part of your child's early years experience, and getting them ready for school is a huge part of that.  We hope we have helped build a stable foundation for your child to build the rest of their learning journey on. 


To all at Snapdragons

Thank you for all your support and kindness and fun over the last year.

Lots of love 

Emily and Andrew


To Tracy Kelli Izzy Marika Anita and all..

Thank you for all the fun, playtime, learning and love. I will miss you all 

Lots of love



To all the girls at Snaps

Thank you for so much for all the care, TLC, games and fun times you have given William; he has really blossomed in the past two years he has been with you.  See you in September with the next one!


To Marika and all the teachers and helps at Snapdragons

Thank you for looking after me so well! I've really loved my time at Snapdragons. 

Lots of love



Dear Izzy, Kelli and the Snapdragons team

A huge thank you to you all for looking after Sam this past year and helping him get 'school ready.'  We've been so pleased with the level of care and what a lovely team you are!

from Giles & Lisa